If It’s Not Perfect, It’s Not Done!

When you’re an Electrical Contractor with a Bachelor of Science Field of Study Electronics and Communications Engineering Degree. If it’s not perfect, is it even done?

Mr. Ed Cotas and Electrical Contractor and owner of Synergy 768, a Solar Sales and Installation company. With Headquarters located in Brentwood CA, 94513. “Strategically”, unloading a new shipment of Tesla Powerwall’s.

All Batteries are not created equal, neither are Solar Panels. Synergy 768 offers SunPower Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall Batteries. Sure, we could sell any panels and batteries on the market. Just like every other company does, but you get what you pay for and as you can see, Synergy 768 is based and built on *Perfection so we only offer the Best solar products on the market!

If you’re thinking of going solar, let Synergy 768 give you a quote! You’ll be amazed at how Synergy 768 offers SunPower Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall home batteries for the same price or less than other solar brands. Being an Electrical Contractor, Synergy 768 is *Certified & Authorized to offer SunPower and Tesla products and receives premium pricing because of it and we pass those savings onto our clients. Most companies prefer to sell inferior products because of all the training it takes to become *Certified and *Authorized Dealers. Not to mention, not having to deal with oversight.

SunPower tests every system installed and if the installed system does not pass and meet SunPower’s expectations. Synergy 768 must fix within 3 days, could face fines as well as loose it’s *Certifications. There is no such oversight on say, LG panels. Anyone can buy and install those and if they don’t pass or meet the energy  output that was agreed too. Oh well, LG still sold their panels. You’ll need to deal with the installer if you have issues with the install.

We don’t mind oversight. Perfection is what we insist of ourselves to begin with…
Contact Synergy 768 at 925.308.9177 or email us at Operations@synergy768.com Today and get your Tesla Powerwall2’s in 4 weeks or less. No Money down and No Payments until January 2021!

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Changing the way to power your homes.

Our commitment to quality is unrivaled because we take pride in every panel and battery we install. We’re not trying to be the biggest, that’s why we only offer and install the very best.

When only the best will do, Contact Synergy 768!